Gambling in USA

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Gambling in USA has always been a topic for heated debate.  During the long history of the USA, there have been different levels of freedom concerning casino games.

 Many casino games were actually invented in America, and USA-based companies were always leading in terms of new technologies for casinos.  As we ended up with only a few legal gambling areas in the entire country, the world of online gambling seems to follow the steps of its real-world counterpart.

 The American UIGEA of 2006 made it difficult for gambling sites to do their accounting for USA players, and all major online casino platforms chose to pull out from the USA market and restrict new USA-based players from joining their sites.  The good intention has resulted in an awful outcome for the end user.

Microgaming software

Microgaming is one of the major software providers for online casinos, especially for many USA-based players.  Microgaming were one of the first platforms to pull out from the American online gambling market after the infamous bill took full force along with other prominent software platforms such as Playtech.

 The shifting USA online gambling market was enough of a headache source to major software developers to pull out of it, leaving many players without much of a choice.  The question right now is whether Microgaming or any other major system will choose to return if the local legislation allows this.

 The recent New Jersey initiative has given some hope to domestic gamblers and they are now anticipating the return of the big players to the market.  Very few sites on the list of almost a hundred Microgaming casinos actually accepts USA players.  We will have to wait for stronger actions in this direction to see Microgaming return to the local online market.

Online slot machines

Microgaming Slot Games

Amongst the numerous gambling sites that were popular in the USA, online slot machines have generated some of the highest traffic figures.

Microgaming was particularly famous for their all-slot sites, as the software provided a large variety of slot games.  The games were simple and could be played via flash, downloadable software and mobiles. 

 The selection is very limited these days, as there are only a few casinos that accept new signups, and there isn’t a large variety on the few sites that are available.  Many players actually find it easier to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to play on the actual slots instead of looking for sites that will accept their IP-address.  Hopefully things will change for the better if some of the big software platforms choose to return to the USA market.

Online casinos

Players in the rest of the world have access to the wide variety of online casinos and the games they offer, as their development did not stop when the major systems pulled out of the USA.  The market is steadily developing and introducing new features such as mobile gaming optimization and live dealer video streaming.  It is just a pity to see so many USA players left out.