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Aces & Faces Online Video Poker Card Games

Standard Aces & Faces Poker

Screenshot of a Standard Aces and Faces Video Poker Game
Aces & Faces is a standard video poker card game with extra high payouts for Four Aces or Face cards - Kings, Queens and Jacks.

Below is a screenshot of a Standard Aces & Faces Video Poker Game

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Aces & Faces Power Poker

Screenshot of an Aces and Faces Power Poker Game
Aces and Faces Power Poker is different from the standard Aces and Faces video poker as you play four identical hands of cards.

At the beginning of each game only the first hand is shown to you, while the other three hands remain face down. The game progresses like standard video poker.

When you choose to hold a card the identical card is revealed in the other three hands. Below is a screenshot of an Aces & Faces Power Poker Game.

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Aces and Faces Poker ( Playtech Version )

Screenshot of Aces and Faces Playtech VersionAces and Faces is very common, but exciting video poker game from Playtech which has pay outs for pairs of Faces (Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces).

4 of a kind combinations are split into 3 variants:

4 of a kind Aces which pays out 400 with a maximum bet
4 of a kind 2-10's which pays out 125 with a maximum bet and
4 of a kind Jack-Queen-King's which pays out 200 with a maximum bet.

Aces and Faces pays out on pairs of Jack-Queen-King-Ace, 2 pair, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, 4 of a kind 2's - 10's, 4 of a kind Jack-Queen-Kings, straight flush, 4 of a kind Aces and a Royal Flush.

Players can choose the coin value and quantity they would like to bet for each hand. Betting ranges from $0 .05 up to $25 per hand. The minimum pay out for a Royal Flush is 500 coins and the maximum pay out is 4000 coins. The best option is to play a max bet at all times.

Players are dealt 5 cards from a standard deck of 52 cards of which you can hold or discard any number of cards to attempt to obtain the highest winning hand. Only the highest combination is paid out for each hand and a new deck is used for every game.

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