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Tip the Slot Machines?

Of course you do not tip slot machines, what were you thinking? However, you can tip the attendants who assist you with the use of the slot machines, and of course with the handling of the prize.It is a lot easier to tip in table games at gambling houses, don't you agree? In table games, it is easier to identify who you should tip, unlike in other gambling games like the slot machines. How can you tip a machine?The answer is you don't. You need to find gambling house personnel to tip.You may choose to tip the personnel who gives you the pay-out.

This usually happens during jackpots in slots.When you hit the slot machine jackpot in a gambling house, expect a gambling house employee to get to you in a short while. They are placed in the slot machines arena to assist gambling players in their use of the slot machines, and also in collecting their prizes.Do not be surprised to learn that there are three personnel handling the situation. This is for the security of the gambling house. When you find three personnel, do you need to give them a tip each?The answer is not necessarily. What most gambling players do is to give a tip which they can split among the three of them. You do not need to worry about the amount of share, let them divide the tip among themselves.

There are also gambling houses which collect all the personnel's tips, combine them and divide it among all the employees at the gambling house.Are you wondering how much you should give them? On the average, gambling players give tips to slot machine personnel ranging from half of a percent to one of the prize they had won. If you are generous and you think you could spare more, then go ahead and give them a larger tip. No one will stop you.But be careful, I must say. When the personnel is handing you your prize, do not just randomly pull a bill among the prize to give as a tip. Gambling houses usually pay in 20's.

Do you really want to give a gambling employee twenty dollars as a tip? I do not think so.Be extra careful in what you are handing them so as not to have regrets afterwards.It would be wiser to bring along with you smaller bills the next time you play the slots in gambling houses. You will never know when your time is to hit the jackpot. When that time comes, at least you are prepared with a smaller bill to give to the assisting employee.

Geisha Story - Playtech Slot

Geisha Story Slot Screenshot Geisha Story Bonus Screen

A Geisha girl is a classical Japanese entertainer and is synonymous with the chalky white face, dark red lips and dark black hair.
If you play slots online then you may have already experienced Playtech's latest creation, a five-reel, 15-pay line video slot machine and the Geisha is the theme. The game screen is set against a pink backdrop showing a tree in full bloom. The symbols on the reel are all symbolically Asian with items such as wooden shoes, fish, pots of tea, fans, umbrellas and a variety of Japanese men and women.

You can play Geisha story for coin denominations ranging between $0.01 and $1 per spin and up to a maximum coinage of 15.  This slot machine also takes part in the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is optional and therefore will require an additional $1 side bet in order to participate. The progressive jackpot is a lottery style game and you start by selecting five numbers from a possible 49. If the computer draws your five numbers randomly you will win the progressive jackpot.
The game also has a scatter symbol and it is represented by the Old Man symbol. If you hit three or more old man symbols anywhere on the screen then you will be able to win up to 20 free spins with a potential multiplier of 10x.

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