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Casino Systems

All gamblers have some sort of nifty little system that they use whenever they go to the casino. Even though the majority of these people know that no system is ever going to work in a casino, they still use such personal modus operandi that they believe will give them some sort of an edge.

Let's take a look at slots for instance: some people use the "hunch" system. Every now and then, they feel like they may strike it big so they may bet more on some upcoming spins. While this is definitely not a casino system in the true sense of the word, many people do use it. Others employ different bankroll-management systems, which range from the most rudimentary, to the more intricate.

The basic truth that you should use as a staging-point for all your casino and slots related actions is that no system works on slots. It's probably not all that difficult to imagine that if a person did come up with a working system, the casino industry would not only pay him millions to go work for them, they would employ that same system for the benefit of the casinos as fast as possible.

No, you won't be able to fool the slot machine, but you will be able to select the right one. Every casino advertises slot machines with extremely generous payback (right up to 99.5%), what they fail to tell you though is, that the payback percentage advertised is not the one featured on all their slot machines. There's a select number of these generous slot machines in every casino, usually just one or two, and finding them without assistance can prove a daunting challenge. Observing local gamblers can be a solution to this problem. They know which the most generous payback machines are, and they tend to hog them. If you're not around for long enough to observe trends, simply ask casino personnel about their biggest payout machines. If the lower ranked employees are not willing to tell you what's what, or they do not know, go and ask the floor-manager to assist you. Make sure you don't restrict your slot machine selection to just the above named pay-out factor. Slot machines which feature progressive jackpots often have tremendous differences between jackpot payouts from one machine to another, even if they're identical denomination machines.

The other thing you can do to forward your cause with the one-armed bandit is to manage your bankroll wisely.

As far as slots are concerned, the best advice bankroll-management wise is to never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Once that's set, you can try different schemes.

Some people put their money in a small pile and whatever they win in another pile. As soon as the first pile runs out they quit playing. Still others will use more intricate money management systems: if they win, they set half of the money won aside, and use the other half to keep the operation going. The only problem with slots is that over the long-run it is pretty much impossible to build up a consistent bankroll. You see, slots are not even zero sum games at the end of the day, and the house edge will always rear its ugly head, regardless of what one does. Make sure you make the best of the casino's comp point system that may just take enough bite out of the house advantage to make playing worth your while.

Online slots work in a similar fashion. The truth is that most real slot machines are powered by electronic random number generators (RNGs) and therefore there are absolutely no differences between online and offline slot machines.

When it comes to online slot machine assessment, besides the payout percentage, you should also keep an eye on whether there are wild symbols in it or not, and whether the machine features any real-money side-games or not. Both these features will increase your odds.

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