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Basic Blackjack Strategy without Counting Cards

One of the main reason why Blackjack is so popular among online casino players is the fact that it is the table game in which a good strategy can have the greatest influence over the outcome of each hand. This gives players the sensation of control and it is perceived as the casino table game that implies skill as well, besides luck. Based on particular aspect of Blackjack, there are a lot of different strategies and rules that promise big and constant winnings, however, before testing any other strategy, every player should master the basic blackjack strategy. Also, in case you were wondering why card counting isnít considered to be part of any strategy, there are two simple reasons. First of all, itís illegal in most casinos and, besides that, it is impossible in the online environment.

What is Basic Blackjack Strategy?

In simple words, the basic strategy is the best way to play blackjack at the best online pokies nz sites, and is mostly based in statistical probabilities that were used to calculate what is the best decision in a given circumstance, taking into consideration the cards you have and the hand of the dealer. You must keep in mind that when playing any form of Blackjack, the house will always have an edge, however, by applying the basic blackjack strategy you will be able to considerably reduce that edge. In other words, this basic blackjack strategy can be translated into a chart that guides you though a complete game of blackjack and the different situation that arise in it. This chart will help you take a decision, taking into consideration your hand and the dealerís hand or even give you some decision that can be applied at all times. For example, a blackjack player should always hit when your hand is below or equal with 11 and always stand when your hand totals 17.

Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

In order to make everything a lot more compact and not make this article 3-pages long, all the moves and recommendations of basic blackjack strategy could be condensed in the form of a chart that takes into consideration all the possible hands of the dealer opposed to what you have been dealt and comes with recommendations on what your best move is, considering that certain rules of blackjack are applied or possible.

The complete basic blackjack strategy chart looks like this and itís quite easy to read and understand even by rookie blackjack players, another aspect that makes this strategy one of the best around and definitely the easiest to apply.

As mentioned above, the structure of basic strategy is dependent on a set of particular rules being applied or not. Since there are quite a lot of blackjack variations out there, you should first of all make sure what are the exact rules of the blackjack game you are going to play either offline or at 24 pokies online casino.

The basic strategy table you are provided with above, outlines what are the best decision when a player is not counting cards and is exhaustive enough to give players an RTP of 99.6%. That being said, the house is left with an edge of only 0.4% which is more than acceptable considering that without this strategy being applied, the RTP of a blackjack table in most online casino is below 97%.


The bottom line about blackjack and the different strategies that can be applied to enhance the winnings chances is that with discipline and by following the basic strategy chart, you can make the RTP of a blackjack table even higher than the one you get when playing pokies online real money. Thatís a very attractive offer right there and a great chance to boost your income and make a profit through blackjack.

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