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Blackjack Card Counting

It’s a common misconception among people who’ve not researched the subject that when playing blackjack at an online casino in us and other countries think it should be easy to profit using a card counting technique. Card counting is the principle of apply certain scores to different cards as they come out of the deck, some positive some negative and then modifying your stake on the next hand accordingly, the idea being that you bet big when you’re most likely to be dealt a good hand and so improve your chances of ‘beating the house’.

Hollywood Blackjack Movies

The concept comes to the attention of the public most notably from Hollywood movies Rainman and more recently 21 but whilst many people are therefore aware of the concept a lot less know exactly how it works and it’s a fairly widely held belief that the card counter is actually memorising every card dealt and discarded.

Whilst not actually cheating the process of card counting is frowned upon by traditional casinos and if you are caught, or even suspected of, card counting there’s every likelihood that the management of the casino will suggest that you perhaps ‘find somewhere else to play’. Online casino games ( known as online pokies for australians ) though in theory offer the player a chance to count cards in safety knowing that there is no big burly security team able to evict them and, even more encouraging, they can sit with a pen and paper and literally write down all the cards so as to not lose the count.

Is it a Game of Quick Profit?

Even knowing that online casinos tend to use 6, 8 or even more decks of cards in an individual game it seems a fairly simple route to making a quick profit right? Wrong unfortunately, a quick look at the rules of the game will inform you that the deck is actually automatically shuffled after every hand. So nice try but it looks like you’ll have to look elsewhere for a get rich quick scheme.Screenshot of a Lucky Blackjack Table

Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Blackjack is readily available in most online casinos and is played as a single hand, three hands or five hands.
Players have the option of playing in free play mode or for real. The betting ranges between $1 and $1000 per round, depending on the casino. Lucky Blackjack games pay 2:1 on winning Blackjacks, 1:1 on all other wins and 2:1 on insurance wins.
The rules are the same as European Blackjack rules and cards are shuffled before the start of each round.

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