If you are an online poker player making the transition from the virtual arena to the live one, then you will need to consider much more than the mathematics of the game. Indeed, because live poker is an interactive game, you will need to assess the physical demeanour of the players around you.

One of the best poker tells you can look for is someone’s breathing. When a player is excited or nervous their heart rate will increase, as will the rate at which they take a breath. When you are at the table, it is your job to work out what an increased breathing rate means.

When a player is leaning over the poker table and staring at you intently then it’s very likely they are weak. In contrast, when a player is pushed away from the table and acting extremely relaxed, they are probably strong. The reason these are such reliable tells is because in poker it’s often true that weak means strong and strong means weak.

Thus, whenever you see someone trying to act strong, it is most likely because they are bluffing, and they want you to fold. Indeed, the reverse is also true, and something you should keep an eye out for.

The final tell, and one you will often see from inexperienced poker players, is trembling hands. When the body is excited it released adrenaline which cases the body to shake. This chemical reaction makes it difficult for someone to control their limbs when they are excited and, therefore, forms a hugely reliable tell.

If you ever want to compete at the WSOP tables, then you need to take note of every shred of physical information your opponents display.

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