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Online Fruit Machines

 If you are over the age of twenty five, and you have played online real money casino games, then you will have no doubt come across fruit machines. Seldom do they tend to appear in pubs or at land-based casinos anymore, anymore, but online the fruit machines are making a slow revival.

Whilst online fruit machine games will never be popular enough to challenge the ranks of the large progressive jackpot slots and the big hitting five reel sensations, they are certainly right up there with some of the most enjoyable online slots available.

Fruit Machines in UK Pubs

Fruit machine slots are a throwback to an earlier era, before the really big five reel progressive jackpots kicked in. Back in the pubs of the United Kingdom, the pub fruit machines were a national phenomenon and many online players today will fondly remember putting their money into them and winning a couple of quid. But what is point of them today if they are outdated.

Well outdated they may be, but fruit machines are still an excellent source of entertainment. Fruit machines run very similar to three reeled slots, and these online fruit machine games that have been redesigned and re-released are aimed at two very special markets that the more common five reel slots don’t appeal too; namely simplistic and reminiscent slot machine players.

Any player who misses the old days of the fruit machine can take a trip down memory lane with these simple slots, and also players who find that five reeled slot game with multiple pay lines and extensive bonus games are too difficult can also play these simpler slots.

Typical Fruit Machine

A typical online fruit machine game will have only one pay line, and furthermore, only three reels.
There is unlikely to be wild cards, scatter symbols, free spins or multipliers and instead only a series of five
or six symbols needs to be lined up across the central reel. It is far simpler, far cheaper and yet
still very prosperous to play these online age old classics.

But where can you find them? Luckily fruit machines can be found at casino sites under the slots section. These wondrous ancestors of modern slots and everything they encompass hold a special place in our hearts, a rightly they should!